Juan Carlos methodology is based in one basic principle “PLAY HOW YOU TRAIN”. This is why he prepares each training session with thought and full dedication.


Tactically the ‘balance’ of the team is key for him. Having the right balance while attacking or defending allows his teams to be in constant advantage.


His beginnings in youth football makes him value the academy system and academy players. During his career he has been able to develop these talents into crucial assets for the club. Mario Gaspar, Meunier, Carlos Bacca or Santi Cazorla are some examples of it.


Due to his international experiences he is able to speak English, Spanish and French fluently what makes him connect to the players immediately. Also, the knowledge Juan Carlos has in the African market can be key for clubs looking to exploit ‘cheap’ talent. He has the ability to detect early talent due to his experience and contacts.


His skills as player developer fit perfectly with his experience with TOP international level players. Juan Carlos has trained, Robert Pires, Santi Cazorla, Godin, Rossi and many others.