Last weeks, I received many petitions from Egyptian media to speak about Al Ahly. I will answer all of them through my own media channels .

Nowadays I´m in Valencia, Spain, my hometown. Enjoying with my family and having a good time after many years working outside. Of course, watching football and following the most important championships over the world.

I like Egypt so much and really I´m very happy with the time that I was there.

Obviously, I still feel myself Ahlawy. Al Ahly is more than a club, it´s passion . my period in Cairo was amazing and I like to keep in touch with my Egyptian friends and currently country and club situation.

I got many people asking me why I am not training again. I feel that I´m inside of learning period. Analyzing my last teams and what exactly I did, wrong or right.

Up to now I didn’t receive the right proposal to manage again. Not many clubs can give me the same level of satisfaction that I felt in Al Ahly. Yes, I want to come back again to manage a football team, but I must take the right decision and choose the right club. I’ll come back to Al Ahly when the chairman and fans want it and I see we´ll have the right conditions to work

About currently Al Ahly situation .

I think the club succeed with the new players. Ramy Rabia, Evouna, Fathi, Hegazy, Antwi, Saleh Goma…they are very good players and they improve the team level so much. I would like to have had them working with me because they are players able to win trophies and top players. We had (in my period) too much young and inexperienced players. I think those players needed to play on loan before to play in Al Ahly. You can play in Ahly when you are in top level. Ahly is demanded to win trophies always. Not every player is ready for Ahly level.

Important players and captains.

I respect Hossam Ghaly, he is a fighter and a very good professional . I think ,when he´ll finish his player career, he´s the future Al Ahly coach. He is very clever and strong personality. I know his strong character and you must accept that he is always demanding and fighting with someone…also with himself. I had a good relationship with him.

Meteb was a great scorer, all of us will thanks him for his goal in the confederations cup final. but he is not now in the level to be the first Ahly striker. His negative to shoot the fifth penalty against Tetuan, was unacceptable.

I was very happy with Basem, Hany, Ashour, Abdallah said , Walid, Zakaria, Saad Samir, Hussein, Naguib, Gamal… they were fighters, very good workers and the important team spine.

I am very happy to see Trezeguet playing in Belgium. I was living there and it´s the perfect place for him to learn, grow and to be a top player. he needs time, he has a great potential . he is a great person. i love him.

the coach.

I can not speak about Peseiro and his situation in Ahly, it was too short and he took the decision to go back to Portugal. I don’t know details about that. Respecting his decision and his professionally.  Ahly need a strong coach. it is a very demanding position and you must be ready for that. Now I know much better everything and everyone, in order to be ready to take the right decisions and to make the right team. Yes , I want to come back to Al Ahly as a manager. the right moment will be when the chairman and fans want it. I repeat that now , I know everything about the club, country and city…

Wael Goma. I was very sad with his departure. he is a legend. great person. I had a very good connection with him. in my opinion he should be always in Al Ahly.  Abou Treka. it was fantastic to met him and have the chance to have a huge chat with him. he´s a great legend and also should be in Al Ahly… wael and him are a fantastic influence for players and coach.


I respect journalist, I never gave a different treatment to someone. nobody can expect from me that I am asking help from any journalist and give them back any secret or news. It was very bad for me to see that some journalist knew the line up from the players. I don’t think fans like the players who give news to media and then media is helping those players…


Now they are playing regularly and that´s very important to keep the right rhythm. My period there , The League was cancelled and for us was very difficult to be focus after that , and playing Confederatios cup. Confederations cup was fantastic, we were a real team… short number of players, injuries, difficult trips in Africa, bad pitches… but we overcame every problem with faith and Ahly red spirit.

Egyptian Supercup. was my first trophy in Egypt and it was really nice to win that game… we played without fans and that´s something very bad for football. we need fans at stadium, it is essential.