That marvellous word, which awakens so much excitement and passion,
we live through football and for football; it is much more than a sport, it is our life. Personally I can say that it has given me a lot of happiness and satisfaction, as well as difficult moments, which I have learned from and emerged from stronger. Football forms part of my life: training, matches, different playing systems…

I consider myself a passionate coach, with a complete confidence that results are the consequence of daily work. For that reason, I believe that the training method is vital in the construction of a winning team. I apply the phrase “play how you train” with total conviction, so I train how I want the team to play… with ambition, with passion for the game, demanding the maximum from everybody who forms part of the team.

We all want to win, and we all give our maximum to win every match. Discipline and order in every detail are the basis to get the maximum performance from the talent of our players… the right balance of being demanding and trust are the key to success.

Talent and creativity are the reason why millions of fans buy their ticket…

I believe that coaches (managers?) have a great responsibility in our hands; to protect football played in the right way, to achieve excellence in the style of play, to keep making football the most exciting sport with the most fans. Through playing well, results are achieved.

In terms of tactics and the style of play, I consider one word as key: BALANCE… attacking and defending are two situations that a team must know how to manage equally… both are fundamental to play well and to win. As a result, I aim to achieve teams that are organized and aggressive defensively, at the same time as being ambitious, creative and always looking to score a goal.

Daily effort is how satisfaction is achieved… it is a satisfaction to be able to give your all every day in training and in matches… we will continue to enjoy this marvellous sport… football.